There is something worse than the tyranny of the majority – the tyranny of the rich

May 6, 2010

While the outcome today is still in flux (and I snatch a brief moment in between dispatching activists), remember this one fact. Whoever wins this election will be required to make the most swingeing cuts in a generation. Those cuts will almost inevitably be across the board, and they will inevitably lead to misery. And not just misery – the Tories know that refusing to back the pledge for a one-week wait for cancer tests will inevitably lead to more adverse clinical outcomes, which with cancer can mean an increased death rate. The next government will make cuts that will lead – perhaps indirectly – to the death of some of its citizens. I say this not in a prejudical way, for any party that gets in will be forced to make cuts that will have this impact.

They will be forced to make choices that will mean people who otherwise would’ve lived longer will die sooner. They will be exercising power at its most brutal.

To do so, I argue, they require a mandate. That mandate cannot come from a minority of our population whose interests would be best served by the necessary cuts. Rather, they must demonstrate that they have the support of at least half those who vote in this election. They must be able to demonstrate that these cuts are truly the will of the country, and not of an economic interest group.

Otherwise, the cuts to come will constitute the tyrannical imposition of that group’s wishes upon the majority; the savings we must make must be filtered through the nexus of at least two parties sufficient in popular vote share to truly claim to represent a majority of the country. How can a party that gets less than that possibly have a moral right to govern in times such as these?


6 Responses to “There is something worse than the tyranny of the majority – the tyranny of the rich”

  1. Neil Craig said

    What rubbish. You know perfectly well that government spending isn’t aimed at helping the poor but at helping illiberal parasitic big government parasites like your government funded & supported party.

    The poor, like the rich, would be much better off in a free society.

  2. Neil Craig said

    Gosh so the point isn’t that the poor will be any better off under a fascist state spending 53% of GNP & creating nothing. “The” point is simply how to lie about wealth to maintain that desired illiberal parasitism.

    What, in turn, you miss is that thea may not be a desirable point to everybody.

    • declineofthelogos said

      No, the point of this particular post is entirely about what constitutes a sufficient electoral mandate for swingeing cuts. You do, however, get Rant Points for using ‘facist’ and ‘parasitism’ in the same paragraph.

  3. Neil Craig said

    Of course since if Cameron doesn’t even as much as reverse the £200 bn post inflationm increase in the size of government parasitiesm you will, not being a complete hypocrite, achnowledge him as doing less to abuse his power as all the abuses of power by Labour, over the last 13 years (with an equally flawed mandate) which you, not being a complete hypocrite, have so often denounced them for? Or not.

    Congratulations for the “tyrannical imposition” & lack of “moral right” in the same para. Double congratulations for using it on somebody who hasn’t actually done anything. Since your party supports war crimes, massacres, genocide, child rape & organlegging on the grounds that though the “untermensch” hadn’t actually done anything they should be murderedas if they had I guess this is parv for the course.

    • declineofthelogos said

      I am bored of your quite frankly weird genocide allegations, so I’ve blocked you. Have a nice day, out there on the internet.

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