Atlas Blogged #25: Is an editor not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

October 3, 2010

Part 25 of blogging my way through my first reading of Atlas Shrugged. You can find the first part here.

Chapter 25: Their Brothers’ Keepers

AtlasWorld grows worse and worse; the machinery of civilisation is breaking down in the absence of its motivating minds. Rand’s straw men, the moochers and looters, begin to demand that Dagny does something to save them. Rand presents this as some kind of revelation, the root of the looter, so to speak: the incontrovertible assumption that they will, in the end, be rescued by those who have the ability to produce.

It’s certainly the case that particular form of insanity exists in AtlasWorld; finding it in the real world may be more tricky. Not that would bother Rand, of course.

d’Anconia copper is nationalised by the Argies; simultaneously all the property it owns across the world is blown up by that cunning d’Anconia chap.

Something of a capitalist revenge fantasy there.

John Galt turns out to have been working in the central terminal of Dagny’s railway all along. This being Rand, there’s lots of talk of exulting in rough sex.


More country-collapsing stuff, and more revelations about how pathetic Rand’s opponents are. We’ve done all this before; one has to wonder how much more successful libertarianism would be if Rand had a decent editor.

Part 26 is here.


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